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Business Accelerator Programme
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Wondering how to take your business forward after lockdown? Need to change your model to suit the changing times? Thinking of starting your own business?

The Ealing Business Accelerator programme is designed for new and existing businesses, to help you explore how your business can survive and thrive. Working with expert business advisers Smorgasbord, we’re excited to be able to offer you one-to-one business diagnostic and advice sessions, peer-to-peer learning groups, customer-focused marketing sessions and a series of webinars on a wide range of up to the minute business topics.

The training and support is being funded through the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG), which has been allocated by the government and is intended to support businesses until April 2022. This enables us to offer this valuable support to Ealing businesses free of charge.

Are you based in Acton, Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Northolt, Perivale, Southall or anywhere else in the borough of Ealing?

Are you a sole trader, startup or small business with less than 250 members of staff? 


If so, then this programme is just for you!


A number of webinars will be included in the programme, including topics such as:


  1. From Business Idea to Business Model – how to do it

  2. Building resilience through planning (recovering from Covid-19 lockdowns and Brexit)

  3. From Start-Up to Scale-Up – best options to fund the growth of your business

  4. Growth Hacking – supercharge your recovery

  5. Delivering standout sales pitches

  6. Putting the Customer first (Customer-focused marketing sessions)

About Smorgasbord

We are delighted to be involved in the Ealing Business Accelerator programme because it allows us to deliver on one of our key purposes, providing a range of business tools and expert advice with real outcomes, free and effectively, for people in SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) businesses of all ages, types and sizes.

Smorgasbord is a team of experienced business advisers and one of our team has worked with Ealing Council on previous business support programmes. We do not pretend to know everything about a client’s business, but we usually find that there is often a combination of challenges to address with each different business, so we help to identify them, decide on and take prioritised action.

Take part in the programme to:

  • Increase your business knowledge and expertise.

  • Improve your business planning, develop creativity and resilience in a changing competitive economy.

  • Develop funding and marketing strategies.

  • Create support networks and groups.



✓ Lots of new ideas, each proven to work for other small business owners like you 

✓ A recommended action plan considering all the things you could be doing to achieve your goals


✓ Step-by-step ‘How To’ guides to help you implement your plans


✓ One-to-one business diagnostic sessions with expert advisors, who will be with you every step of the way


✓ Invitations to a wide range of live webinars about the most important topics for small businesses across Ealing 

Let’s get started


Whether you’re exploring the first steps in starting your business, looking at specific opportunities (or threats) or planning to accelerate your growth, this programme is for you.


Everyone based in the London Borough of Ealing can take part in the programme and join any of our live webinars.


We also have a limited number of free places available for all the one-to-one personalised support and advice sessions on a first-come first-served basis and registrations are now open.


“I have attended business seminars which were, of course, educational but might not have relevance. This was so helpful, specific and focused, as Tony solved issues brought up in the discussion and provided great suggestions - which not only helps a lot, it also motivates me to do better. I hope there are more of these programmes that go beyond providing information, focus on follow up and on progress and development. Thank you, Tony and the organisers!! Much appreciated!!”

“Very informative and friendly facilitator. Very enjoyable event. Lots of room for discussions and the use of case studies involving the actual businesses on the call made the event far more interactive with instantly actionable, business-specific advice. I enjoyed the session and it allowed all participants to be engaged and talk about the issues that they had which resulted in the presenters providing advice and also meant that the participants could provide advice to one another. The session was led in a way that encouraged people to talk and participate.“


“Tony was really helping in guiding me through the startup loan application process. It was such peace of mind knowing that I have someone to ask questions about making the application and the relevance to growing my business. Tony was a great mentor that gave really useful advice and was very thorough in his analysis of my business plan. I would definitely recommend this programme to others.”


“Thanks for the great and informative session. In this particular session, it is also eye-opening to learn that even big companies such as Amazon and Google have failed projects despite high-level executives, with lots of tech and money. Thank you for providing the slides and the recording - very valuable since I think most people won’t have a photographic memory or be super-fast learners. Looking forward to the next one!!”


“Brilliant presentation! It was excellent, superb, clear, concise and valuable information. From the very start, it made me think and ponder, so it was wonderfully engaging and good information until the very end. I must say it is the best webinar I have been to.... so well handled too - Thank you so much, Mark and Tony!“

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