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Business Services and Risk Management

We specialise in areas that protect your business, allowing you to get on with doing the thing you set out to do. Through our carefully chosen partners and a network of over 200 business advisors we provide cost effective services in intellectual property, health and safety, HR, cost reduction, software and cyber security, tax and R&D tax credits.

One area that is often overlooked that can both protect and add value to your business is Intellectual Property. Protecting your idea, invention or the way you have developed of doing something is now not only becoming seen as basic good sense but it can also be seen as a ‘balance sheet benefit’ adding value to your business, helping you get grants, funding, investment and bank facilities.

Human Resources

New Hires

Getting the right first employee, or getting the next one and keeping them, is going to be one of the big business challenges for the next decade.

  • Recruitment and onboarding

  • Hiring for will, training for skill

  • Retention and engagement

  • Contracts and protection

We have vast experience of helping companies and employees create a rewarding and longer lasting relationship.   

Credit Management


Some say ‘Cash is King’, we say ‘Cashflow is King’.

  • Credit checking and credit control

  • Bookkeeping services and training

  • Accounting software

  • Cash flow and cash cycle

Whether you use a bookkeeper, accountant, or software such as Xero, sage or QuickBooks, we help you with the cash, the oxygen of your business.

Accreditation and Management Systems

Business Plan

If you want to sleep well at night, one of the best things to do is minimise and manage your business risks. A good management system can bring clarity where confusion reigns and an accredited system may be a requirement for your business to grow

  • Quality

  • Health & Safety

  • Environmental

  • Information Security

  • Business Improvement Techniques

  • Energy Cost Reduction

Putting an accredited management system in place, undertaking business improvement or energy cost projects does not need to cost the earth.

Intellectual Property

Business Meeting

Protecting your idea or the way you operate using intellectual property (IP) can be less expensive than you think; it can also add value to your business and help you get better value from banks, funding, suppliers and customers.

  • Trademark

  • Copyright

  • Patents

  • Trade secrets

Knowing how to protect your business IP, and get best value from it, does not have to be a smoke and mirrors exercise.

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