These are a few of the books & websites we read. Give them a try ..... you might like them too!

Two Lengths of the Pool by Simon Hartley

We like this book because .....
it is so short but it shows you how to focus on what is vital, what you are looking to do and gives a simple practical way of achieving it.

The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick

We like this book because .....
your mum is the person who, with her unconditional love, will always tell you that your idea is great; she will also lie to you. This brilliant book helps you really stress test your idea to find out if it is just an idea, or if it is a good business idea.

Business Model Canvas by Alexander Ostewalder

We like this website because .....

 it helps you really nail how to market your business to very specific target consumers and how to get your message to each market segment right. It accompanies the 40-week Business Model Canvas course that our very own Mark Dunwell took. Get in touch with Mark at if you want to talk about getting your message straight.

How to Write a Business Plan by Brian Finch

We like this book because .....

it covers all the key elements of a business plan without you having to wade through War and peace. Oh, and check out the glossary.

Starting and Running a Business for Dummies

We like this book because ..... 

like all ‘Dummies’ books, it is full of tips and tricks. It is long, nine books in one, but well organised. Oh, and if you want to learn about cricket there is a ‘Cricket for Dummies’ available as well.

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