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About Us

We Deliver Growth

We are Smorgasbord, an idea created by four businessmen who have each started and run companies but believe strongly that a new or young business deserves the chance to grow, but are rarely given the best help to enable that growth. The co-founders are all very different from each other but have longstanding business experience in a variety of fields, we all want to work with small businesses and we are here to help.


Why Smorgasbord?


Smorgasbord is a Swedish word meaning a meal where guests can help themselves from a range of dishes laid out like a buffet. We are not Swedish, and we are not offering you a meal. What we do offer is a range of free and cost-effective business planning, business finance, mentoring, advice and services from which a startup or growth company can choose.


And some of it is free.


The main part of our business is helping you plan for growth and expansion (business planning) and getting funded (Government Startup loans and other facilities). We work with delivery partners to help.

But how does Smorgasbord make money?


In addition to helping you plan and get funded, we also provide other services that you might want now or further down the line. We offer business advice and mentoring, alongside a variety of other services ourselves and through carefully chosen partners who are all similar in that they want to offer help to startup businesses and are prepared to charge prices that businesses who are just getting going can afford.

Frankly, we have two values; suspended gratification and collaboration with like-minded business people. We only work with people who are prepared to give their advice, expertise and services cost-effectively now and are prepared to gain the reward further down the line. If this sounds like you, let’s have a chat.

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