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Our Partners

We offer a wide range of SME-focused products and professional services. 
We deliver great value services ourselves, but we have also searched for like-minded partners that are prepared to offer ‘something for very little’ at the early stages of your business, with a view to earning money by being with you for the long haul.

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Association of Business Mentors

The trade body for business mentors in the UK and Ireland where professionalism is key and experience proven.

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Aalbun provides innovation protection services globally in an easy way. Our way of working provides you with a predictable budget and gives you access to a highly talented global pool of Intellectual Property professionals.

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If you feel that your credit management procedures are not quite as tight as you’d like them to be, or you don't have any credit controls in place, then AccountAssyst is the system that you need to protect your business from the crippling and long-term effects of bad debt.

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The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs

The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs was founded in 2010 creating the first dedicated professional learning institute specialising in business enterprise and business support, a standing still enjoyed to this day within the UK.
The Institute’s programmes and qualifications are built on the extensive research that underpins the SFEDI® National Occupational Standards and the expertise of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, the UK’s only professional Institute dedicated to enterprise.

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