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Hands-on Business Help
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Need some help that you can trust & afford?

Business advice, mentoring, coaching, consultancy. It doesn’t matter what you call it, we just provide the help that gets results.

We do not just coach. We do not just advise. We just get stuck in and deliver results.


From as little as £60 you can have light touch help with a specific business problem.


Or we can become a temporary member of your team to work on a specific issue.


Or we can be a more permanent, part-time, resource delivering solutions across business planning, funding, finance, operations, marketing & sales.


With a network of over 200 experts, Smorgasbord’s DOiT business help is suitable for:

  • People who want to pinpoint the way forward

  • People who need a specific output and want someone to deliver it

  • People who need an expert, interim or more permanent resource delivering solutions

Business Help with DOiT

Hands-on business help you can trust and afford

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