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R&D Tax Credits

Not heard of R&D Tax Credits?

You might be pleasantly surprised

Any company solving a technical or scientific uncertainty can claim back their research and development costs. This includes improvements to existing products, process improvement, testing, or developing a new way of doing something.


It is estimated that over 75% of eligible companies never see the R&D cash benefit come back into their business because they do not know, or have not been advised, that they can claim.


We specialise in helping smaller companies get the same expert advice on R&D tax claims as larger companies. So whatever size your business is, we will help you maximise your claim; working with you to produce a claim in the form that the HMRC will accept.  

The Process

  1. You fill in 5 simple questions that will give us an indication whether your company is eligible to claim for R&D Tax Credits.

  2. One of our principle advisers has a 10-15 minute discussion with you to get some more background.

  3. We send you a preparation sheet and book an appointment with you to work through the details of your claim.

  4. We gather information and estimate the value of the claim.

  5. If you wish to proceed you pay a £250.00 inc VAT deposit.

  6. We add further information and a technical report, diagrams and pictures should they be required.

  7. We provide you with a report that is admissible to the HMRC.

  8. When you receive the tax credit from HMRC you pay us 20% of the money you receive, minus the £250.00 deposit. Please note, our minimum total charge is £750.00 inc VAT.

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