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"When we were starting The Gem Wines business, I needed some good advice and some finance.
The Smorgasbord team really helped me with both, along with the honest straight talking we wanted” 

Selena Selezneva CEO Gem Wines

Who Are We?

Smorgasbord is here to help people who want to start or grow a business.


We help people get funding for their idea or their new business. We provide mentoring and a variety of other advice and services for people with a business idea, or business that is new or just need some experienced help.


And some of this is free.


If you have an idea for a business or your business is less than two years old we offer free advice and help in applying for a Government backed Startup Loan.

There is also some free mentoring included.


We help all types of businesses. Whether you are the next ‘tech’ idea or a more conventional business, we think that every business deserves access to the same level of help. So whatever business you are in, if you are about to get going or are already established, it does not mean you have to do it all alone.

Have a look at who we are or just get in touch with us for a friendly non-committal conversation.

Products and Services

Sales and Marketing

Two Men Shaking Hands

Our sales and marketing services are best-in-class. We merge creativity and technology in a way that brings your business more success than you ever thought was possible

Strategy and Business Planning

The Wall of Ideas

You probably know why you are starting or growing a business but we help you with the biggest challenges and opportunities. Strategy is often a misused term in business, so we simply and practically help you get to where you want to be in the next quarter, then next year, and the next 3 years

Funding and Finance

Business Meeting

Cash is the oxygen of your business. To get started you might need a Government backed Startup loan, and to get growing you might need some help with training on an accounts software packages, checking a customer’s credit, finance, availability of grants or other advice

Operations and Risk Management

Contract Negotiations

We specialise in areas that protect your business, allowing you to get on with doing the thing you set out to do. Through our carefully chosen partners and a network of over 150 business advisors we provide cost effective services in intellectual property, health and safety, HR, cost reduction, software and cyber security, tax and R&D tax credit

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